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Anxiety is an emotion meant to keep you safe, and our brain is rigged to err on the side of survival. Anxiety is regarded as a disorder when the worry is more intense than a situation warrants it persists for weeks or months becoming difficult to control and interferes with everyday functioning. Anxiety disorders are the most common and pervasive mental disorders in the United States.


Depression is when a mood high or low mood lasts for an extended amount of time. The severity of depression can vary: mild depression might not stop you from doing your normal activities, although it can make this harder to do. While your activities might not feel worthwhile; when depression is more severe it can leave you feeling suicidal and unable to function as you normally would.

Relationship Issues

Over time, issues can build up in a relationship, especially if there has been no repair or resolution. The more you try to let things go, move forward, or get over them, the more that hurt builds between you. Unfortunately by waiting that “pile” of issues is usually quite high, and takes more time, effort, and commitment to make forward progress in healing.


Self-esteem to our acceptance of ourselves and the value we place on ourselves that doesn’t necessarily correlate to the value others see in us. The word “esteem” means to regard highly or favorably. When we apply that to ourselves—and it is high—we regard ourselves highly. When it’s low, we regard ourselves less than worthy. It’s our overall evaluation of ourselves as human beings.


How do you know if a boundary is healthy…or not? It’s important to recognize that healthy boundaries help to protect and respect you; an unhealthy boundary seeks to control or harm someone else. Healthy boundaries are a key element in your physical, mental, and emotional health. You deserve to be safe and respected, and boundaries play a big part in creating healthy relationships that let you be YOU.


Few people can go through life without encountering various instances of trauma. Those situations often leave the impacted feeling like they had no control or lost the ability to have control. Most importantly the residual effect of those traumatic events is such that they undermine a person’s sense of safety in the world and create a sense that catastrophe could strike at any time.

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At Empowered Me Counseling Centers we use our skills and tools to partner with you to create the path that allows you to live your best life uniting heart, mind, and soul.

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